3DS eShop opening in May, to sell 3D Classics

The same Nintendo financial briefing that revealed that new Kirby games are in development for the Wii and DS also confirmed a few details about the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

According to Nintendo, the eShop will be available after the 3DS’ first system update, which is scheduled for sometime at the end of May. This update will also enable DSi-to-3DS transferring of DSiWare games and the 3DS Internet browser.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told the crowd that the reason for the delay was so Nintendo could create an online storefront that allowed gamers to easier browse the eShop’s offerings. He also noted that he didn’t want any gamers to be “buried” in eShop’s menus.

Another possible reason for the delay was Iwata’s announcement of “3D Classics.” That’s right, games available on the 3DS’ Virtual Console will be given a 3D facelift. Which titles Nintendo has planned for the 3D Classics line is currently a mystery, but we’ll likely learn more as the handheld’s March 27th launch looms.

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