Final Fantasy XIII-2, Versus XIII, Type-0 detailed in Dengeki

Andriasang has dug deep into the latest issue of Japanese gaming Dengeki PlayStation and unearthed a ton of new details about most of the titles Square Enix had on display at their 1st Production Department Premier event last week.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will take place after the end of Final Fantasy XIII in Gran Pulse. According to the magazine, the sequel will be “more dark and mysterious” and will focus on the goddess Etro.

Final Fantasy Type-0, the PSP game formerly known as Agito XIII, will feature a heavy focus on magic. The Dengeki report reveals that the game’s theme revolves around the theme of “Magic in Action” which basically states that swords and axes are good in a pinch, but magic is your real weapon.

Finally, Final Fantasy Versus XIII got short shrift once again. Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Versus XIII won’t be released until after XIII-2 and Type-0, but he did say we might learn more about it at E3.

For the full info dump on all three titles, be sure to check out the Andriasang report.

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