Killzone 3 including multiplayer beta vouchers for SOCOM 4

As if getting one highly anticipated PlayStation 3 shooter wasn’t enough, new copies of Killzone 3 from select retailers will also include vouchers for the multiplayer beta of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals.  On the pre-order site for Killzone 3, only Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon are listed as supporting retailers, but be sure to check for box art with the SOCOM dog tags, as pictured to the left, to know if your copy has it.  The voucher will come on both standard and Helghast editions of the game, and players are encouraged to check the official SOCOM 4 site for details as soon as they pick up their copy.

2011 is looking to be the most cash-strapped year to date for PS3 owners, so it’s simultaneously nice and cruel of Sony to give us ways to check out multiple titles from one box.  Killzone 3 drops on February 22, 2011, and you can expect our very own Warp Zoned review to follow shortly, as well as yours truly losing all of his free-time on his second Killzone platinum trophy.

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