MAG’s 256-player extravaganza turns 1

Zipper Interactive’s innovative First Person Shooter is reaching its first birthday and we’re all invited to the party. Starting tomorrow, January 26th, through January 30th, MAG will be hosting 256% in-game queue and “Happy Hour” bonuses, and both Domination and Acquisition game modes will have faction-neutral maps, meaning that the defenders on those maps will not necessarily be the local faction. Also in the community spirit, Zippers QA team will be online from 10am-5pm Pacific Time for a “Play Live with Zipper” event when it all kicks off tomorrow, January 26th.

MAG received positive reviews, boasting incredible map design, deep customization, and having achieved a 256-player game that actually works. The problem is mainstream shooter fans were turned away by the overall lack of visual polish in graphics and animation. The ones who stayed were never given instructions on how to utilize the command structure, and the game rarely played out how it was supposed to, as squad leaders who knew what they were doing were a rare commodity. The game is a mixed bag with only a small dedicated community left. You can expect our thoughts on MAG one year later in the coming days here at Warp Zoned.

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