Malcom McDowell joins Killzone 3, blows my brains to bits

If you plan on having an ongoing relationship with Warp Zoned, you should know I’m a die-hard fan of the Killzone series; I have the platinum trophy in Killzone 2, and had to be in the top 1% of worldwide weekly players to get it. Suffice to say, I’m utterly stunned at just how beyond epic the new story trailer is for Killzone 3. While many developers sadly use live action trailers with intensity and drama the final product never lives up to, Guerrila Games gives us an inside look at the political and military turmoil on Helghan, in the astounding visual fidelity the studio is famous for.

There seems to be a power struggle between the arms industry and the Helghast navy for control of the planet’s destiny. Malcolm McDowell voices Jorhan Stahl, CEO of Stahl Arms and Ray Winstone plays Admiral Orlock. Safe to say these guys aren’t the best of friends, and the actors have their work cut out for them in living up to Brian Cox’s performance of Scolar Visari, arguably the best portrayal of a dictator in gaming. Unfortunately Sev and Narville seem to have new voice actors, but with production values like these, it’s hard to imagine the story will be anything short of amazing.

I came.

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