Mass Effect 2 PS3 re-hash looks to be ‘massively effective’

Anticipation is rising as BioWare’s highly-acclaimed Mass Effect 2 blasts its way over to the Playstation 3 next week, promising a visual successor to the Xbox 360’s version which was released early last year. Fueling the hype is the game’s launch trailer, which you can view above. And through a limited time offer, BioWare’s PS3 customers will be able to download Terminus Gear for free on the PlayStation Network. The free gear download increases in-game stats for players, offering a bonus to (possible) second-time buyers of the game.

For those who haven’t been filled in on Commander Shepard’s excursion from exclusivity, the upcoming PlayStation 3 version will be fully loaded with story content from the first Mass Effect game, with the help of Dark Horse Comics’ illustration skills. Though the first Mass Effect is not included with Mass Effect 2, the comic aims to flesh out all important story details from the first game, fully gearing players for the Q4 2011 multiplatform release of Mass Effect 3.

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