Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 1 manga coming to North America 5/4/2011

Hitoshi Ariga, whose last Mega Man manga just released in English after ten years, will be returning to the universe of the blue bomber to bring an all new series. Published by Udon, the first volume of the all new Mega Man Gigamix will see North American shelves on May 4, 2011, promising to be “the greatest Mega Man story ever!” The full series will feature every robot master and nearly every character from the original eight Mega Man games, coming in at over 600 pages total. The first volume features Mega Man heading out into space and facing the robot masters from Mega Man 3.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the lore behind the Mega Man games, especially in the more story-driven series like Mega Man X and Legends. You can find more information on the upcoming Mega Man Gigamix on Udon’s blog.

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