Samus NOT playable in Dead or Alive: Dimensions… um, I think…

Metroid fans, namely our Editor-In-Chief John Scalzo, got pretty excited when Samus Aran and Ridley popped up as background characters making a cameo in a Dead or Alive: Dimensions trailer. Many hoped this meant Samus would be appearing in the 3DS fighting title as a playable character. According to Eurogamer, that’s not happening.

In an abhorrently translated quote, the media outlet claims the head of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi, as wanting Dimensions to be the ‘best’ version of DoA to date, and as such, “the concept of Dead or Alive as the best version of the game means Samus Aran or Metroid is something different. That’s why we are not focusing on that in terms of the concept. So talking about Samus Aran, is she playable or not? This time she’s not playable.” I hate to break it to you, Hayashia, but it sounds like playable Samus Aran would go a LONG way to making Dead or Alive: Dimensions the ‘best’ version of the game.

He does go on to confirm that the cameo from the trailer will remain. “But Samus Aran will be shown in the game. She comes to help the player. That’s the collaboration shown there [in the trailer]. But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself.” So apparently Samus will be in the game as an assist character but you have to unlock her. Really? Unlock a character in the background? In any case stay tuned to Warp Zoned for more 3DS and Dead or Alive: Dimensions news.

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