Tomb Raider Trilogy HD announced for PS3

In the latest development of Sony’s campaign of re-releasing classics in high definition (with Trophies!), Square Enix has jumped on board to release Tomb Raider Trilogy, a collection containing Tomb Raider Anniversary, Legend, and Underworld. Also included in the package is a set of static themes, behind-the-scenes trailers of all three games, and Lara Croft and Thrall Viking avatars for use in PlayStation Home. Available on March 22 and priced at $39.99, it’s not a bad combination of games and extras to enjoy.

Personally, the most exciting part of this announcement is that Square Enix has finally hopped on the HD re-release bandwagon. Here’s hoping for a Final Fantasy X and XII collection. Or better yet, every Square game released on the PSOne on a single Blu Ray (that’s a lot of plats).

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