George R.R. Martin overseeing A Game of Thrones: Genesis for PC, new screenshots

If you’re a fan of the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, or one of the inevitable hipsters who is now because there’s an HBO series about it, there’s a Real Time Strategy game based on it coming out for PC this summer (with a story supervised by author George R.R. Martin). A Game of Thrones: Genesis from Cyanide Studio allows players (I love it when games give us permission) to experience 1000 years of Westeros history, from its founding up to Aegon the Conquerer’s invasion and the War of the Usurper, which sound totally awesome.

The game seems to be more in line with Civilization than Age of Empires, as you can use economic and diplomatic tactics to crush your opponents instead of sending a thousand knights on horseback their way. I might have to check this out if my laptop can run it, judging by just how cool the screenshots below are.

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