Hudson Entertainment closed for business

Maybe we shouldn’t have posted that Lost in Shadow review. The US branch of Hudson Soft, responsible for bringing their games to the states, is shutting down according to a blog post yesterday by brand manager Morgan Haro. Morgan attributes this to the incoming acquisition by Konami and its decision to incorporate Hudson’s staff into social gaming as we reported. What’s frightening though is Morgan claiming that all of their projects have been canceled, and we can’t tell if that means the existing games at their Japanese headquarters or the closing US division, as we thought their focus is localizing games, not so much making them.

Hudson was in the middle of porting TurboGrafx-16 games to the PSN, pledged to support Sony’s NGP, and even laid out a solid 3DS lineup for the end of the year. It would be a shame if Konami were to pass on Bomberman for the 3DS. Check out Morgan’s blog for more details, as well as an interesting read on the struggle for American divisions of Japanese game companies and the direction the industry is heading.

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