New Resistance 3 and Ratchet & Clank: All-4-One videos surface

The good folks at Insomniac spent the day today in London showing off their two new PS3 games to the press, and were kind enough to let everyone in on the action with two new videos. The Resistance 3 trailer shows human forces battling Chimera in Haven, Oklahoma in all the glory of Insomniac’s new engine for the game, as a terraformer draws closer to the city. I assure you, this is absolutely nothing like terraforming on Dune. The effects are really off the charts this time; as the terraformer gets closer to annihilating the city, the winds really pick up, making it totally bad-ass when the Chimeran Brawler pictured left shows up.

The Ratchet & Clank: All-4-One trailer shows the co-op insanity that will ensue once the game launches this fall. The game looks like a lot of fun with all the wacky characters and guns the series is known for and at one point the players appear to be on jet skis evading a monstrous cross between a blow fish and a giant squid. It’s hard to believe Insomniac is releasing both its marquee franchises in the same year, but they appear to be handling both better than ever. You can find both trailers after the jump.

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