Pigs learn to fly, Xenogears coming to US PlayStation Network

It seems Square Enix is really starting to get it. Buried in the PlayStation Blog’s The Drop, surname-sharing Rey Gutierrez revealed that Xenogears will be this week’s addition to the PSOne Classics section of the PlayStation Store, when the digital service updates tomorrow. Xenogears came at the height of Square’s golden age on the original PlayStation, and is cited by many enthusiasts as the greatest RPG of all time. It also went on to serve as the template for Monolith Soft’s Xenosaga series on the PlayStation 2, after the core members of the original left Square in 1999.

This comes as a major blow to the second-hand market, where Xenogears can go for up to $150. After Tactics Ogre released last week as Square Enix’s first digital PSP title in what seems like forever, it appears the company may finally be in touch with its fan base again after years of superfluous remakes and bad Xbox 360 titles. Well, kinda.

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