Pokemon Black & White getting special DSi bundles

March 6 will no doubt be a special day when the latest generation of Pokemon games launches with Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version. If you want to make that day just a little more special, you can grab yourself one of the snazzy bundles pictured left.

Each bundle will come with a version of the game, with a matching DSi sporting new legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom etched on them. Rounding out the bundle is a custom Pokemon carrying case for your system. Playing the game on a DSi also allows you to use the new video chat feature in the game, the Xtransceiver. The package will sell for a $179.99 suggested price.

If I weren’t so hooked on Pokemon Heart Gold or perfectly fine with my launch DS Lite, this would be a very, very appealing bundle. Pokemon Black and White finally arrive on American shores March 6.

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