Special unlock for early purchasers of Pokemon Black & White

Nintendo is on a mission: to make sure Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version have as big of a launch as possible. To do it, they have announced today that anyone who purchases the fifth generation of Pokemon games from its March 6 release date up until April 10, 2011 will receive a Liberty Pass through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The pass allows them to catch the cute little guy pictured to the left (throwing up the V for Victory), the Mythical Pokemon Victini. The Victory Pokemon Victini is allegedly the first to be both Psychic and Fire-based (two of my favorite varieties in one) and has the Victory Star ability, which increases the accuracy of itself and other Pokemon the trainer is using in battle. This is actually a pretty great ace to have for some of the three-member battles being introduced in Pokemon Black & White.

Pokemon Black & White Versions add more than 150 new pocket monsters to the Pokedex and will be available in the U.S. on March 6, 2011 for $34.99 on the Nintendo DS.

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