Square Enix keeps it up, Parasite Eve likely joining PSOne Classics

Square Enix has been on quite a roll lately. After reinstating digital PSP downloads on the PlayStation Store with Tactics Ogre and re-releasing the elusive and legendary Xenogears as a PSOne Classic, another masterpiece from Square’s golden age is joining Sony’s retro corner. Parasite Eve recently received an ESRB rating for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable (the two platforms you can bring your PSOne Classics on), likely M for Mature as it was when it originally released on the PlayStation in 1998.

Parasite Eve followed in the footsteps of Final Fantasy VII, innovating the cinematic RPG sub genre, popularizing the use of FMV cutscenes and intense set pieces. A new entry in the series, The 3rd Birthday, is coming March 29 on the PSP.

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