A study in fanboyism: Crytek calls out IGN

I can’t say I’m surprised by IGN. After all, this is a site that has its top editors cranking out articles about how Xbox 360 exclusives in one year are better than PS3 exclusives in another year. However, this time they may have bitten off more than they can chew. IGN has boldly claimed that the 360 version of Crysis 2 is “clearly outperforming” the PS3 counterpart. CVG has disagreed after playing nearly all of the game, calling any difference “negligible.” Jeff Rubenstein of the PlayStation Blog posted today his interview where he put the matter to Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo, who responded thusly:

I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.

I understand IGN probably just wanted to get a couple cheap hits by playing the console card, but they should have realized they were dealing with a developer’s integrity here. Hopefully we’ll get to the truth of these comparisons when Crysis 2 finally hits stores next week on March 22 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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