Daily Scoop: March 23, 2011 – Gold Box Vacuum

And here it is…the Gold Box Vacuum. The day after a video game Gold Box Event, there’s nothing out there. No t-shirts, no good video game deals, no nothing. I guess I’ll just have to sit upon my mountain of video games and play something I’ve already got, instead of spending money on cheap games I won’t get to until 2015. *Sigh*.

Today’s Amazon Deal of the Day in video games is BORING. Err, I mean, it’s EA’s Monopoly Streets for the PlayStation 3. It’s just $35.39 today down from $39.99, making it practically completely pointless, unless you really want to save $4.60 on an electronic version of Monopoly to play on your PS3. But hey, if you’re that obsessed with owning Boardwalk and Park Place and all the Railroads, maybe this is your lucky day.

No good t-shirts today, but I do have some good news, which I just read about over at Nerd Reactor – Kmart and Toys R Us are having awesome deals for the 3DS. If you buy your 3DS at Kmart, you get $25 off one launch title – that means those $39.99 titles you’ve been grumbling about are only $14.99 at Kmart. And, if you want more than one, Toys R Us is having a buy one, get one half off deal on their 3DS games. So get your 3DS at Kmart, snag a game for $14.99, and either run home and play it, or stop at Toys R Us and grab two more games for about $60. Or you can be like me, and sop up the points on your Amazon credit card (3 times the points for purchases made at Amazon, leading to more Amazon gift cards). 3DS + Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars = a lot of points. Also, my Kmart is a nightmare, so i don’t want to bother with that on a Sunday morning, and I don’t even know where the closest Toys R Us is. The perils of living in the city…

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