Final Fantasy IV: Interlude is around 15 hours, maturity returns to original FFIV

The Super Nintendo. The PlayStation. The Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS. Going on its fifth platform, Square Enix is still giving you reasons to buy Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. One such reason is Final Fantasy IV: Interlude, an all new game set to connect the original IV with its WiiWare sequel, The After Years. The PlayStation Blog revealed that this new connected story will be “weighing in at 15-odd hours of new gameplay.” I’d be happy if a downloadable game gave me 15 hours, so it’s excellent for this episode to be more like a full game.

Another feature may be of more note to RPG purists: the PSBlog portrays this version of the game as its “pure, uncensored form,” specifically denoting skimpy outfits and mature references. This is actually a big deal. For example, Final Fantasy VI directly translated is almost a completely different game than American players were used to, dealing with issues of prostitution, teen pregnancy, and suicide. No word if “Spoony Bard” will return (it did), but expect a nice package when FFIV: The Complete Collection releases for PSP on April 19.

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