‘Find Makarov’ countdown is not Modern Warfare 3 (but an awesome Fan Film)

You may remember an enigmatic countdown at findmakarov.com which Activision later called a hoax. The countdown has finished, and the site now redirects to the trailer you see above for a fan film tentatively titled “Live Action Modern Warfare.” Created by Toronto viral marketing company We Can Pretend, the trailer captures some of the most iconic scenes from the Modern Warfare series in live action. The final scene of Call of Duty 4, the end of Modern Warfare 2 at Rust, and even the intense showdown at the aircraft boneyard in MW2 are all adapted with shocking accuracy. Two original scenes are included, one where presumably protagonist Soap MacTavish is saluting General Shepherd. The other is in Nikolai’s aircraft above the inevitable U.S. invasion of Moscow, where Captain Price states “The objective is simple: Find Makarov, end this war.” Either Soap or an undisclosed Russian character agrees, “Aye, let’s write some history.”

It’s strange to see the whole thing in first person, as Infinity Ward’s use of the perspective always seemed as something gaming could accomplish that film could not. Either way, we’ll be sure to follow this ambitious fan project as it progresses.

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