How Super Mario Bros. would look as an indie movie

We’ve already seen what the Super Mario Bros. saga would look like reimagined as a gangland tale, but what about if Mario was trapped in an indie movie?

We got the answer at this year’s South by Southwest festival as “Mario” recasts the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom in a movie of lost love (and a lot of drugs). It seems that Peach has run off with Bowser, the slick lizard who runs the local art gallery, while Mario is left to wallow in his own self-pity. But in the grand film tradition of hapless eccentrics who become heroes, Mario visualizes his future as a floating question box and proceeds to (literally) stomp on Bowser and his “Goombahs.”

Sadly, “Mario” was just made for fun by writer/director Joe Nicolosi, so it won’t ever become a real movie. But SXSW audiences (and gamers everywhere) have certainly embraced it.

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