Unity Android set to ease game ports, Androids selling faster than iPhones

Unity Technologies announced today at GDC that their game porting technology for Android devices, Unity Android and Unity Android Pro are now available for puchase at their site. Unity Android boasts a one-click solution to porting games running on the Unity development platform, including iOS games, to Android. Hopefully this will go a long way towards reducing the differences between the two competitors as gaming services. Unity partially attributed the importance of this announcement to recent analyst reports indicating that Androids are now outselling iPhones worldwide, which probably isn’t news to some. This development comes alongside a study of just how fast mobile phone gaming is growing.

Unity has also spread to the PlayStation 3 last year, with yesterday’s announcement of Rochard being the first game to appear on the platform. It’ll be interesting to see if the game makes the jump to Sony’s Xperia Play, an Android-based phone. With over 400,000 developers and almost every major platform within its scope, Unity proclaimed themselves today as “the industry’s leading game development platform and middleware company.”


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