4/1: Kama Sutra Connected will NOT bring naughty minigames to your console

In a world where We Dare encourages gamers to swap spouses, a title like Kama Sutra: Connected was inevitable.

X-Rated Studios may be a new developer on the scene, but they have lofty aspirations. They want to offer “practical advice on sexual intercourse and behaviour” to gamers everywhere through a series of minigames that they hope will remain true to the spirit of the classic Hindu text. Available in late 2011 for all consoles and handheld systems, Kama Sutra: Connected will make use of your favorite motion controller to bring gamers “closer to the action than ever before.”

Edmund Rechtion, the Creative Director at X-Rated Studios, said: “We found through our research that there is an increasing audience for video games that offer more than is being serviced through the hardcore action or casual game markets. There is a market for a title that targets a mature audience who are looking for far more from a shared interactive experience than bowling or dancing, and we dare to provide just that.”

Gag Reflex: I have to admit, I was convinced this LunchPR stunt was real until I looked closer at the name of X-Rated Studios’ Creative Director… Edmund Rechtion… E. Rechtion. A tad crude, but since when do gamers shy away from dirty jokes?

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