4/1: StarCraft Kinect NOT coming to the Xbox 360

Ever since Kinect has been known as Project Natal, gamers have dreamed of using the peripheral like a high-tech general would… moving units into position with a flick of the wrist and raining destruction down on an inferior foe from a comfortable (and fortified) command center. A lone warrior fighting all of the aliens by himself would just be a lone (and very dead) nutcase in real life.

Thankfully, Blizzard has heard our cries and has announced their return to console development, StarCraft: Motion Overdrive for the Xbox 360. Playable exclusively with Kinect, the real time strategy game will offer “the exciting strategy gameplay of StarCraft II,” but now with motion controls!

Gag Reflex: Very funny, but this is just salt in the wound for players that still hold out hope that StarCraft: Ghost will one day rise from the ashes.

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