Bought Dragon Age II? Get Mass Effect 2 for PC free

It’s been out just about a month now, but Dragon Age II has apparently been a rousing success, because BioWare and EA are celebrating in a pretty big way. Between now and April 30, purchasers of Dragon Age II on any of the three platforms it released for can get a free PC download of one of 2010’s (and perhaps 2011 if you’re playing it on PS3 for the first time) best games, Mass Effect 2. There’s only one real downer to the party, however; the free download doesn’t include the Cerberus Network, which cuts off the free DLC that comes with purchased copies.

Getting it is a simple task – just visit BioWare’s Dragon Age portal, and follow the instructions. All you have to really do is make sure you’ve redeemed your Black Emporium “online pass” and you’ll be ready to adventure with Commander Shepard and company… for the great cost of zero dollars.

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