British tabloid conducts study as part of 3DS smear campaign

Don’t you just love how the guy to the left is holding a 3DS in the picture? As if his brain has been so disrupted from playing Steel Diver, that he has no idea a doctor is even examining him? I think that’s what British tabloid The Sun is going for.

Their latest article claiming that the 3DS has been causing widespread disorientation and sickness conducted a study where the participant played the handheld for two hours taking the recommended ten minute break every half hour. The doctor found that the subject was experiencing a headache, nausea, and high blood pressure. I assume that when you combine all three of those things you get the stupefying look in the above picture.

I haven’t had an extended session with the 3DS yet, and while it can be a little weird to adapt to, I don’t feel like it’ll cause any major problems. Anyone else experience issues playing on it?

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