Dragon Quest X details to emerge later this year

Hardcore RPG fans! The reason to steal your girlfriend’s buy a Wii is finally upon us! In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Yuji Horii, creator and scenario writer of the Dragon Quest series, confirmed that the latest iteration, Dragon Quest X, will be ready for the masses soon. Horii stated, “all we can say is that development is going well and we’re on the last parts of the game. We can’t really share much else at this point, but by the end of this year we should be able to announce something regarding it.”

The last home console version of the game, Dragon Quest VIII, was one of the best RPG’s of the last decade, and potentially of all time. I can’t wait to see how Level-5 and the DQ trio (Yuji Horii, Koichi Sugiyama, and Akira Toriyama) work their magic on Nintendo’s system.

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