Jurassic Park delayed on PC/Mac, multiplatform launch coming Fall 2011

Last month we posted an in-depth dev diary and confirmed that Jurassic Park: The Game would have an April release date for the Mac and PC, with console versions coming later in the Fall. Telltale is scrapping that schedule, instead opting for a simultaneous multiplatform release later this year. This doesn’t seem to be an arbitrary decision, with the company genuinely wanting to make the best game possible:

We see a ton of potential in the game’s exciting mechanics and style and feel we can take what we already have in place to an even more thrilling level, so we’ve decided to continue work on the game and launch the PC/Mac version of Jurassic Park: The Game to coincide with the our multiplatform release in fall 2011.

As an apology to those who pre-ordered the first full season on Mac or PC, Telltale will refund your money and send you a voucher for a copy of any Telltale game you wish, regardless of whether you want to wait and use it for Jurassic Park later in the year.

Jurassic Park: The Game is coming to PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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