LittleBigPlanet reaches four million levels

SCEA PR Manager, Eric Levine, annonced today on the Playstation.Blog that LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 has had more than four million levels shared by players. To make this number feel more real to the players he explained that, “If you played LBP straight for 12 hours a day and only played each level for 5 minutes, it would take you more than 78 years to play through all of them.”

Media Molecule also released a thank you to players:

“For us the most exciting thing has always been seeing what the community does with a LittleBigPlanet game when they get their hands on the new features and tools. We’re constantly delighted – and amazed – by their ingenuity and creativity, and it’s so inspiring to see the level of affection that exists for LittleBigPlanet amongst fans around the world.”

Also announced was the return of LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge and new downloadable costumes from Tron: Evoultion that will be released on April 26th for $2.99. Levine also showed one of the two costumes coming from the Killzone 3 Minipack coming in May.

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