Rumors grow stronger for Nintendo HD console

The whispers have spoken incessantly about it, the gamers have begged for it, and Michael Pachter has said it would fail. Ladies and gentlemen, the High Definition successor to the Wii is coming very close to its confirmation.

Game Informer reports multiple sources have confirmed that Nintendo will definitely unveil an HD console at this year’s E3, if not sooner. The common denominator from all sources is that it will run in High Definition; whether it will surpass, compete with, or fall short of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is up in the air.

Apparently, Nintendo is showing the console to third party publishers already, in order to garner support early on, and possibly even go after the western gamer. This could remedy the lack of third party support that has plagued Nintendo since the N64 days.

I declare the plausible speculation season for this year’s E3 TO BE OPEN for gamers.

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