Sony calls it quits with the PSP Go

As Scott Pilgrim and yours truly are probably the only two individuals on Earth who actually own a PSP Go, Sony has officially cancelled production and shipment of the all-digital handheld. Sony’s online stores have stopped listing the device since a few days ago and an alleged Sony employee confirmed the cancellation. Only the currently shipped units will be available.

This news couldn’t have come at a more ironic time, as Square Enix has finally begun releasing their PSP titles digitally on the PlayStation Store.

Despite its poor sales performance and lack of parity with the UMD-using PSPs, I have to say the PSP Go was a great machine. Smaller and lighter than an iPhone, with the broad media functionality of a PlayStation product, the Go is the ideal MP3 player, video player, and game console in one. Probably the most portable gaming handheld ever, it’s also a lot more comfortable for folks with big hands like myself. R.I.P., PSP Go; hopefully the NGP will get something like you.

[Source: Andriasang]

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