Zipper entices you to buy new copies with “SOCOM Pro”

We’ve seen publishers struggle against the second-hand market of used games with numerous programs and initiatives, from Online Pass to Project Ten Dollar. Sony and Zipper are taking a page out of EA’s book with the announcement of SOCOM Pro with all new copies of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.

This Pro version will give all purchasers of new copies a PlayStation Network redemption code. Redeeming it gives you access to the SOCOM Pro custom game types, many of which you may be familiar with if you participated in the beta. The four modes initially available will include “Community Day Classic,” “Last Defense Run ‘n Gun,” “SCRUM,” and “Sniper Alley.” Players will also get a little extra firepower in their arsenal, with the classic M-16 and AK-47 both available for use in the game.

Zipper has teased future additions for the service, which include “exclusive multiplayer maps, various co-op additions, dedicated leaderboards, and lots more.” If you don’t buy a new copy of the game, you can purchase SOCOM Pro for $14.99 from the PlayStation Store, but not until April 26.

I’m usually for “Project Ten Dollar”-ish programs, mostly because I almost exclusively buy new games; I just hope this doesn’t dilute the potential for custom lobbies or divide the community too much. We’ll see the effects of this when SOCOM 4 launches on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

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