A Game of Thrones: Genesis official site launches

Fans of the fantasy soap opera happening in Westeros, rejoice! The official site for A Game of Thrones: Genesis has opened its doors. There’s a plethora of terrific stuff on this site, my favorite being the “Houses” section that details where each house is from, gives a description of their background, and gives details on both their “special units” and “house bonuses.” Wow. There’s also news, tons of media, a forum, a community section (which takes you into the world of the fans of the entire series and not just the game), and a shop, which just takes you to a page that says “work in progress.”

Watching the HBO miniseries but haven’t read the books yet? Fear not, hipsters – we’ve got you covered. Buy this super cheap and mega awesome miniseries tie-in cover box set for $19.78. No, seriously. Do it. Read more books, people. Or at least give the authors some money. (You should also buy this Walking Dead Compendium – you’re the same people who haven’t read the comics yet but love the show. Tsk, tsk!)

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