GTTV reveal shows first video, screenshots of Starhawk

The latest “worst kept secret in gaming” debuted on GameTrailers TV last night as LightBox Interactive wowed gamers with Starhawk for the PS3. Rumors of the Warhawk sequel first emerged back in 2009, so it’s safe to say that Lightbox has been working on Starhawk for a long time.

As expected, Starhawk looks an awful lot like Warhawk in space, specifically a planet teeming with “Rift Energy” called The Frontier. Rift Energy is a hugely powerful substance, but it is also highly toxic and can infect you with a mysterious disease if you’re careful. This backstory leads into a battle between the “Rift Miners” and “The Outcasts” over Rift Energy that features futuristic weaponry and transforming fighter jets. You might say there’s more than meets the eye to the game’s setting.

The GTTV reveal was light on the details (presumably we’ll learn more at E3 next month), but we do we have the first five screenshots, which you can find after the break.

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