Modern Warfare 3 teaser continues the war in Am3rica

Looks like Infinity Ward isn’t trying to hide it anymore. In addition to the tons of juicy details we got earlier today on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s singleplayer and multiplayer modes, the teaser trailer above has been released for the game. It shows a large digital layout of New York city in the vintage Modern Warfare green while Stalker 1-0 and Stalker 1-1 relay communications about the Brooklyn Bridge. At the end, you can hear Vladimir Makarov say something which I seriously hope gets translated soon.

The Call of Duty YouTube channel has been remade with Modern Warfare 3 logos and a whole series of teasers is now available for your viewing pleasure.

It’s pretty ironic that another big game this year made a huge deal about taking the fight to New York (Crysis 2, anyone?). It’ll be interesting to see who pulled off the better rendition or just the better game, but I think the whole “the war comes home” theme FPS games have been taking ever since Turning Point: Fall of Liberty needs to be laid to rest. At least most devs moved away from the whole apocalyptic thing (Rage notwithstanding).

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