Sony answers PSN-related questions, PS Blog back to normal tomorrow

We’re all back online playing our favorite multiplayer games (Black Ops w00t), but many issues still remain for the PlayStation Network. Jeff Rubenstein from the PlayStation Blog took the time to answer some of the more prevalent questions.

For one, a couple PlayStation Store updates were missed, and there was a lot of great content scheduled to go up, such as a demo for Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Rubenstein expains that once the Store becomes operational again, there will be a couple of publishes throughout the week to bring all of the missed content back. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, they’ll be picking up where they left off on the schedule of games to go up/come down, so you won’t miss your chance to get a free download before it’s unvailable. Also, Sucker Punch is working out the details on a possible InFamous 2 beta extension, and a missed Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend will be made up to us very shortly.

As you can tell, I’m particularly excited about that last bit!

Also, if you’ve been following the PlayStation Blog, you’ve noticed that their regular content of interviews, previews, and features has been interrupted while Sony dealt with the PSN outage crisis. Fortunately, some new content will be coming tomorrow and we’ll all be more in touch with our favorite games, series’ and services.

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