D3’s E3 lineup is Ben 10 kart game, EDF: Insect Armageddon, White Knight II

D3 Publisher – known for their hilarious tongue twisters (D3’s Dream Trigger 3D for the 3DS, anyone?) – has a short but powerful E3 lineup.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing is a kart game in the Ben 10 universe, featuring tracks on five planets and “four-player multiplayer mayhem.” Earth Defense Force: Insect Armaggedon brings giant insects and aliens to Earth once again, calling on the EDF to stop them. And White Knight Chronicles II is the long-awaited (at least, for Mike Gutierrez) sequel by Level-5 that is finally coming to America.

More information can be found at D3 Publisher’s website. Check out full details of their lineup after the jump.

D3 Publisher’s E3 Lineup

  • Ben 10 Galactic Racing (3DS, DS, Wii) – The first kart racing game set in the popular Ben 10 universe features Ben and his alien heroes competing in an over-the-top, Galactic Grand Prix through dynamic tracks on five different planets! Race for the best times in the high-speed grand prix modes or engage in four-player multiplayer mayhem!
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (PS3, Xbox 360) – Thousands of giant insects and aliens once again ravage the earth, and only the Earth Defense Force can stop them. Create a squad of up to three players in co-op play using any four upgradeable armor types and destroy these monsters at all costs, even if it means turning entire city blocks into rubble with a selection of over 300 weapons.
  • White Knight Chronicles II (PS3) – Developed by Level-5 and available exclusively on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, the game masterfully blends the cinematic storytelling of a single player role-playing game (RPG) with an entertaining and interactive co-op multiplayer RPG experience.
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