Daily Scoop: June 29, 2011 – More Uncharted 3 than you can handle!

Did you make it into the beta for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception? No? Well we’ve got some good news – we have an extra beta code we’re giving away. Click here for more details! And let me tell you… this is a beta you don’t want to miss. I played a ton of it last night, and it’s fun!

For all of you crazy SRPG fans out there, Amazon’s Deal of the Day in video games is Square Enix’s Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP. It’s $27.99, and if Mike Gutierrez can be trusted, it’s pretty freaking amazing.

As for the t-shirt scene today, well, I want four of them – the shirt.w00t meme shirt, the Tee Fury Rorschach shirt, and Qwertee‘s Portal 2/Pokemon mash-up (gotta test ’em all!). But today’s clear winner is over at Ript Apparel. It’s aptly named “Yet Another Pixel Shirt,” and is pretty cool:

Wow. Love. <3

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