Lara Croft is shipwrecked in the Tomb Raider E3 trailer

The gritty reboot of Tomb Raider finally has a trailer. The people at Eidos felt that Lara Croft was more of a super hero figure and wanted to create a more vulnerable Lara in this reboot. In essence, think of this as similar to Batman Begins. In the Batman movies, the superhero is portrayed as this unstoppable paragon of justice. Batman Begins analyzes the story of how he had to overcome his fears to be the nearly invulnerable Dark Knight. As such, this Tomb Raider reboot focuses on Lara just after she graduated college. She is taking in the world with a sense of wonder and she is very, very vulnerable. Eidos has stated that they are not afraid to let Lara die; there will be plenty of moments in the game where a gruesome death awaits our fledgling adventurer.

Tomb Raider will be part of Square Enix’s E3 showing next week.

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