Lego Universe getting free-to-play version

Great news, Lego fans! Lego Universe, the adorable and innovative MMO for the PC, will be getting a free-to-play trial area for people who don’t want to commit to paying without testing the waters first. As of this August, players will be able to try a limited section of the game, including two “adventure zones” and a “player property area” for as long as they want. The game will also be available as a digital download, getting rid of the disc completely. The idea is to “make the game more accessible to players, without the immediate obligation to purchase or subscribe,” according to Jesper Vilstrup, the Vice President of the LEGO Group. Add to that the fact that there are no plans to introduce micro-transactions, and I’d say they’re doing a good job.

Those interested in getting full game access can subscribe for just $10 a month, giving them full access to over 15 adventure zones and five player property areas, as well as gaining access to competitive and community events and new expansions (did someone say Ninjago???). It’s tempting me right now, as the stigma I associate with World of Warcraft ends up sticking to anything with the word MMO in, around, or on it. Lego Universe has a much nicer ring to it.

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