Michael Jackson moonwalks onto 3DS, Vita

Not the most original of headlines, but what are you going to do? It explains very succinctly that Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson: The Experience will be available for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita this Fall. As does the game’s debut trailer, which you can view above.

Both versions make use of each handheld’s touch screen to match Michael’s choreography with stylus motions on the screen. Actually, I’ll let Ubisoft tell it:

Players will be invited on an interactive journey into Michael Jackson’s artistry, which will set a new benchmark for handheld rhythm games. Using the tactile screens of both consoles, the players move in line with the choreographies on screen to increase their score and bring to life the environments of 15 of Michael Jackson’s hit songs that span his solo career. As players continue to improve and have fun, aiming to become the ultimate performer, they unlock bonus content along the way such as Michael’s special outfits or “power-up” gloves.

The gameplay will be an all-new experience on both platforms. Using the tactile screen, players will draw a series of shapes according to the beat and the choreographies of the Michael Jackson avatar on the screen. By chaining together moves, they will progressively unlock spectacular special effects and other animated background elements, all while being able to watch the avatar perform. During timed freestyle moments, players can even create their own choreographies from a set of classic Michael Jackson moves.

Players will rediscover 15 settings inspired by Michael Jackson’s music videos and stage performances, such as the ghoul-infested graveyard dance from Thriller, the luxurious Palace of the Pharaoh from Remember the Time, the seedy underworld nightclub from Smooth Criminal, and many more. And in addition to the exciting gameplay, gorgeous cinematic cut-scenes will retell these fantastic stories in eye-popping detail.

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