Nikkei confirms touch screen for Wii 2 controller

Holy massive leak Batman! The Nikkei, a leading Japanese newspaper, has posted a report concerning Nintendo’s Wii 2 controller, confirming most of the rumors we’ve been hearing for weeks.

Helpfully translated by Andriasang, the report confirms that the controller will include a six-inch touch screen that will feature customizable controls for each game. The controller will also include a camera and a rechargable battery.

Those details are all well and good, but the most amazing thing to come out of this report is the news that the controller can be operated on its own as a standalone handheld game machine. The report closed with a tentative “Q3/Q4 2012” release date for the system.

It all sounds pretty legit, but we’ll find out if this latest “confirmation” for the Wii 2 is real when Nintendo holds their E3 Press Conference on Tuesday, June 7.

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