The Next Level: The Games of June 2011

Next week’s E3 Expo has sucked up a lot of the gaming industry’s mojo, but there are still plenty of big games in June to talk about. Especially because the biggest game of all-time, Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released after a long, Long, LONG wait. Hit the break to find out what else the Warp Zoned staff is looking forward to this month.

John Scalzo
The Games of June… who wants some? That’s right, Duke Nukem Forever will finally be available this month. I can hardly believe it. Go on, read the list, you’ll hardly believe it either. But it’s coming and I’d almost argue that it’s a bigger deal than next week’s E3 Expo. Almost.

I’m also looking forward to Red Faction: Armageddon. I’ve never really been a fan of the series (always did mean to try out Guerrilla though, maybe someday), but the Total Recall ripoff plot has me intrigued. Finally, I’ll throw in a vote for F.E.A.R. 3, if only because I want to give the “F**king Run” co-op mode a try. A giant wall of flame? Yes, please!

Nicole Kline
Senior Editor
Other than playing a lot more of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and trying to wrap up Dream Trigger 3D and BioShock 2 this month, the big game I’m looking forward to is F.3.A.R. I absolutely love the series and the whole creepiness behind Alma and her children, and I’m eager to get back into that terrifying world again, especially with how awesome the new cooperative mode is – as well as the new multiplayer modes (F**king Run!, anyone?). Considering it’s already been delayed twice, I’d say I’ve been very, very patient.

I am also looking forward to InFamous 2, but I’d like to finish the first game before I do that. I’m waiting on the PlayStation Store to come back up so I can download the game and start it over from the beginning and – hopefully – beat it in time for the second one to come out, but Sony’s really making me cut it close here. I might just have to stick to my initial plan and borrow it from Mike Gutierrez. Physical media… how barbaric!

Mike Gutierrez
News Editor
The game I’m most looking forward to is InFamous 2. I believe the original was my first ever Platinum Trophy on the PSN; I got everything there was to get out of that game and can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch has in store for the next one. I am a little worried about whether or not it can hold up to the pressure, though. The first was one of the few PS3 exclusives of its time to release without a crippling amount of hype. It was just a fun Summer game to play; hopefully the sequel won’t crumble with all of the expectations riding on it.

Although I’m not as likely to play it yet, I’m also happy to see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D finally coming out. I’d love to see the final result of the 3D makeover and who could say no to an excuse to visit the lovely water temple again?

Ryan Littlefield
Podcast Producer
June looks to be a slow month for me in terms of upcoming exciting titles, but I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way. My big anticipation sits with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. I’m waiting for a 3DS game that will actually be fairly exciting to play, and I’m eager to finally get my hands on a real Nintendo 3DS game. Pilotwings Resort doesn’t count. It looks as though my 3DS will be getting even more love this month when Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked arrives. I’m still crossing the bridge into the strategy-RPG world, but I’m loving the trip so far, especially after finally checking out the first Disgaea game this past weekend. After playing Divinity II, it seems a little too soon for me to check out Dungeon Siege III, but I’m sure I’ll get there at some point. Happy gaming, and get outside in this awesome weather! (Even if you bring your portable out with you.)

Adam Woolcott
West Coast Editor
There is, quite seriously, nothing coming in June that I’m definitely going to buy. I would like to play InFamous 2, but I’ll be PS3-less for the next few months… so it would be a waste of money to buy it now. I’d also love to buy Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Overclocked, but I don’t have a 3DS yet. I might just buy that one anyway, however, given 1) my Atlus crush, and 2) my creepy MegaTen obsession. The only games I might check out are Duke Nukem Forever and F.E.A.R. 3. DNF is obvious, simply due to its stature in the history of gaming – who doesn’t want to check that game out? That thing was in development when I was in high school! F.E.A.R. 3, on the other hand, is a series I like, but without Monolith at the helm I’m a bit wary. It’s probably a price-drop pickup. Not having anything to buy isn’t a bad thing, however: I can instead focus on those great May games that just haven’t been played enough of.

Mark Casino
If I had to be honest, I’m looking more forward to what The Big Three (and no, not James, Bosh, and Wade) will come out with at this year’s E3. I will say that Alice: Madness Returns has piqued my interest. I’m really digging the whole “games are art” movement and so the whole dark concept of McGee’s Alice is something that I’d love to try out. Thus, I’ll definitely give that game a whirl and hopefully I’ll enjoy it. I can’t help but have a smirk on my face when I see that Record of Agarest War Zero is coming out this month. I don’t know if any of you remember the hilariously appalling American trailers for the first game, but they were bad. Record of Agarest War definitely has an interesting soul-breeding system but it is marred by the fact that it’s an eroge (erotic game) and thus very difficult to take seriously. All the other games I want are coming out later on in the year.

Chris Urie
The smell of new summer games permeates the air. The gravel-voiced, lightning-emitting, electrified messenger boy Cole MacGrath is back in InFamous 2. Oh the sweet smell of ozone and charred cars, buildings, and gang members. Next up on the list smells a bit like poppies. Alice: Madness Returns is from the twisted mind of American McGee. The original was one of the most demented games I’ve ever played and I can’t wait to return to a broken Wonderland with steak knife in hand. The Hatter and I have unfinished business.

The equal opportunity ass-kicker is back in Duke Nukem Forever. What else can I say? It has been a while, Duke, and I hope you aren’t too rusty with that flamethrower. Do I smell BBQ pork? Finally, Shadows of the Damned has piqued my interest. When the creators of No More Heros and Resident Evil 4 team up, the result has to be something wild. This game looks like the demonic love-child of a New Orleans grind-house flick and a death metal album cover. I foresmell cordite and sulfur in my gaming future.

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