Xenoblade inspires fan campaign to bring game to America

Are you a Wii owner who is sick and tired of Nintendo’s decision not to localize many of the games they publish in Japan? Titles like Fatal Frame IV, Dynamic Slash, Pandora Tower, The Last Story and Xenoblade have all been published by The Big N in Japan and have never made it across the Pacific. If the last game in that list, the Monolith Soft-developed Xenoblade, interests you, then perhaps you should hook up with Operation Rainfall.

The group plans to flood the offices of Nintendo of America’s President, Reginald Fils-Aime, with letters from July 11 through the 13th. They also plan to call Nintendo’s customer service line (1-800-633-3236) to request Xenoblade as well as mass emailing the company with the same message. It’s unlikely this campaign will do anything (if I were Reggie, I’d call in sick that week), but Nintendo really needs to do a better job of listening to their fans (I’m still waiting on Mother 3).

If you want to join the movement, be sure to visit Operation Rainfall’s website.

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