Ignition: El Shaddai “better” on a PlayStation 3

Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition sat down with the PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein to discuss the highly anticipated El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. When Rubenstein raised the obligatory concern that the game may run worse on PlayStation than on Xbox, Bettenahusen put those fears aside, reassuring that the game will always run at 60 frames per second. He went on to say, “the controls just feel better. I always tell people that ‘by far, the lead SKU is PS3.’ It is a Japanese game, and in Japan, PlayStation is just so much more relevant than Xbox. It’s sold more than 10 times as many copies on PS3.”

No matter what controller you play it with, El Shaddai is certain to be a unique experience, as we’ve seen from the demo. Head over to the PlayStation Blog for the full interview, where they discuss the game’s Director Takeyasu Sawaki, the language options on the disc, and that Jason Isaacs, a.k.a. Lucious Malfoy, is voicing Lucifel.

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