Explore the Halo Anniversary campaign in the Comic-Con trailer

It seems that Halo: Combat Evolved went on vacation to silicon valley to have some plastic surgery. A little nip here… a little tuck there… and erase some of those stretch marks to make Halo look better than ever.

The game may look different, but underneath that brand new dress of lens flare, particle physics, and HD textures beats the heart of a classic. The gameplay remains unchanged and it looks stellar. A fun feature even lets you toggle between the new game engine and the old so you can get your nostalgic kicks as you tear through the Covenant with nothing but a pistol.

To see just how close to the original the team at 343 Industries is getting, take a gander at the new “Campaign” trailer released at Comic-Con. Now you can go back to where it all began… and teabag people in HD.

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