Redesigned Xbox 360 headset and remote coming in November

Xbox 360 has a big holiday season coming up, and it’s only appropriate that new accessories are on the way. This year, Microsoft will be shipping a redesigned Xbox 360 headset as well as remote controller. In addition to sporting new, super-shiny designs, they’ve also got some new features to brag about. The headset comes with different ear pieces and sports “Blue Tooth Mode.” While the headset uses the standard radio frequencies to communicate with your Xbox, putting it in Blue Tooth mode allows you to use it with other Blue Tooth devices, such as cell phones, computers, and… wait, what was that other thingy? Oh, right, PlayStation 3s. The remote controller is your standard device, but it will be compatible with Microsoft’s vague Live TV services coming to Xbox Live.

For more information and some sweet shiny pics, head over to Major Nelson’s blog.

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