Sega delays Shinobi and Crush3D for 3DS

What’s up with all the 3DS release date changing today? I don’t know, but Sega has jumped into the fray. Both Shinobi and Crush 3D for the Nintendo 3DS are being delayed. Shinobi, which was supposed to come out in September, will see store shelves on November 15. Crush 3D, also supposed to be out in September, will instead come out on February 21 next year. claims a sales perspective drove the decision, with one developer stating, “We had to delay the release of [Crush 3D] because of the success of the platform.”

Iwata recently blamed the less-than-expected sales of the 3DS on a weak launch lineup and the witch hunts alleging health problems. Let’s hope no more anticipated titles suffer from the lack of excitement for the handheld.

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