Four new games in the works at Nippon Ichi Software

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Nippon Ichi Software revealed some tasty details for fans of their quirky style.

They confirmed Disgaea 3: Return for the PlayStation Vita, and also hinted that the following four games are in development, according to a report on Andriasang:

1. An action RPG from the Prinny team with full polygon visuals. We’ll get our first look in about a month. Platform is unspecified.

2. An all new title from the Disgaea team. This is said to have the visual quality of the illustrations from Disgaea 4. The staff is using the knowhow it gained from Disgaea 4 for networking and other areas. The game will have a famous illustrator for its character designs. Platform is unspecified.

3. A new title from System Plasma, makers of Classic Dungeon. Platform is unspecified.

4. Japanese release of a 3DS game that was popular overseas.

That’s enough to keep us drooling for now. They’ve also said they want to make a PlayStation Vita sequel to Criminal Girls (hopefully bringing both to North America as a result), but that it won’t be soon, as they wouldn’t do it without Kazuya Niinou.

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