A Saved by the Bell interactive YouTube game! I’m so excited!

Oh “Saved by the Bell,” when I wasn’t watching “The Simpsons,” you were my television show of choice in the early 90s. I’m just sad that I never got to play out the video game adventures of Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa on my Super NES.

What’s that? Thanks to The Fine Brothers, now I can? The world is a better place today my friends.

Taking a few cues from the criminally underrated Earthbound, the “Saved by the Bell” series of interactive videos tasks Zack with helping out his friends. He has to make Screech cool, he has to get Jessie to stop taking the caffeine pills (“I’m so excited! I’m so scared!”) and he has to keep that perv Jeff away from Kelly (I mean seriously, the guy was in his mid 20s and Zack was the only one who thought it was creepy that he was dating the 16-year old Kelly?).

OK, maybe I was a little too into “Saved by the Bell” back in the day.

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